Are you a happy LP12 owner who wants to keep your deck but experience the dramatic benefits of modern design and technology? If so, then Funk Vector Link is for you!

FUNK VECTOR LINK These are the component parts for the EVOLUTION level: (Prices to be announced)

1) CHARM sub-chassis and armboard

The sub-chassis has an unenviable job. It must support the bearing, hold the arm and platter in a precise relationship, and provide a “virtual ground” for the heavy, rotating platter. So, on the one hand, the sub-chassis needs to be as rigid as possible. On the other, it needs to be able to damp energy and provide good compressive load resistance.
The CHARM’s sub-chassis and armboard are made from a composite sub-chassis material - a double skin of carbon fibre sandwiches a precise (optimal) density of end grain balsa. These are specifically manufactured for Funk by a world leading materials company. It is then precisely machined using CNC equipment to exacting tolerances.
The combination produces a final product with good compressive load resistance, rigidity and damping. CHARM’s design and mass distribution allows the platter to perform significantly better in its function as a “virtual ground”. The stiffness of carbon fibre holds the arm and platter in precise relationship. The specially selected dense balsa core is an extremely effective energy dump for arm vibrations, while simultaneously allowing the bearing to be very firmly attached. And the teardrop shape? This has been carefully designed to provide a smooth transition for surface waves.
These properties are not available in the original steel sub-chassis, or in rival sub-chasses that are made from metal or other conventional materials.
The armboard of the CHARM is made from the same composite material as the sub-chassis. This effectively terminates the energy coming down the arm, preventing it from entering the sub-chassis. The armboard and sub-chassis are very firmly coupled using three 5mm studs and nuts. This secure attachment allows armboard and sub-chassis to act as one.
As you can see in the picture, included with the CHARM is a “load distribution ring” that securely connects the bearing to sub-chassis. This reduces bearing sway.

2) CLARITY top plate

Funk’s new Top Plate is made of hi-tech, aerospace specification carbon fibre. Its primary job is to filter vibration and at the same time more neutrally support the heavy platter, moving sub-chassis and motor.
The plinth is constantly being vibrated by the outside world – not least by the action of your speakers pushing air in the listening room. The lower the frequency, the more air is being pushed by the speakers. This sets up a nasty feedback between the deck and the speakers – particularly with low frequency bass energy.
The problem is made worse by the original top plate. The thin sheet of stainless steel flexes, sending low frequency energy to the sub-chassis and thereon to the cartridge.
Replacing the original top plate with the CLARITY results in a dramatic improvement in sound. By effectively filtering vibration, the CLARITY reduces colouration, improves dynamics and delivers a more rhythmic performance.

Vector Drive

The VECTOR is the ultimate solution to the problem of motor pull. It is a 3-pullley drive system that is fed by an ironless rotor (low mass to you and me) DC motor that is mounted on the sub-chassis with the belt tension force then distributed about the sub-platter via 2 passively driven slave pulleys. These patented innovations are unique to Funk.
* The patented 3-pullley drive ensures the platter spins smoothly and is balanced on a single point within its bearing sleeve. This removes audible rumble and improves bearing wear.
* The motor is mounted at a new, optimal position on the top plate. This all but eliminates phase distortion caused by mechanical swing between the platter and the arm/cartridge. The dramatic improvement in pitch stability and cartridge tracking gives spectacular gains in detail across the musical spectrum, in rhythm and timing, and in soundstage depth and width.
* The patented K-drive DC power supply provides a smooth, battery-like feed to the drive system. By replacing the cogging AC motor (and its 100HZ vibrations) with this state-of-the-art DC motor, we remove vibrations that color the music (the infamous 'bloom').
An ironless rotor provides vanishingly low vibration, permitting unique sub-chassis mounting.

VECTOR delivers dramatic audible benefits. Your cartridge will be able to reproduce the most delicate of nuances, the blackest blacks, extends the frequency range with clearer treble, more detailed midrange, and smoother, more detailed and more powerful bass. Soundstage is extended in both depth and width, and simply stunning rhythm and musical dynamics result from vice-like pitch control.

We offer full installation of these kits for your LP12.  Simply contact us to arrange for shipping instructions.  If you don’t have an original Linn LP12 box, please let us know and we can make arrangements to get one for you.  Linn packaging is really the best way to safely ship your precious LP12 anywhere.

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Funk Vector   (Do you remember Pink Triangle enhancements for Linn Sondek turntables?)