Eliminating vibration properly in audio systems requires insight and consideration of several factors. This section discusses a number of these factors and how to significantly reduce the harmful effects of vibration on audio system performance. It also covers the overall design philosophy of the products developed by Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) to provide you with uncompromising audio system performance.

Proper isolation and resonance control of high-end audio systems produces significant rewards with regard to overall performance and musicality.
Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) has developed a series of industry leading isolation and resonance control products to significantly reduce structure-borne and air-borne vibration over the entire frequency range of any audio system. The products developed by HRS are designed such that a significant improvement in audio equipment performance is achieved regardless of where you choose to put your audio component. The reduction of harmful vibration is also consistently achieved with a wide range of audio component designs and construction techniques.

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