The “EM” designation stands for Ear Mirror because the design “mirrors” the human hearing system. From their single driver being the same approximate size of the human eardrum to the newly designed all metal body's ear tube curve which accurately mirrors the golden ratio curve of the human Cochlea. Thus reducing repeating tangents resulting transfixing musicality not heard in off the shelf Ear Buds.
The cable on the EM 5813's of course has been custom designed by George Cardas and is a full “ Match Propagation” design mirroring the same technology used in the new Clear HPC Cable. Unlike most commercial Ear Buds the Cardas Ear Speaker cable has no solder joints or splices as it passes through the “joiner” and branches out to each ear piece. In fact it starts out as 2 full cables housed in a fabric covered jacket and is split without break at the joiner ensuring optimum single transfer.

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