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Thank you for bidding on our ad.  

You’re bidding on a pair of “large Advent”, 25th Anniversary, Special Edition speakers.

Advent produced both the “large Advents” and “small Advents”  This particular set are the large versions and as the anniversary issues, were based on the 5012, with a bull nosed Walnut cabinet and use a Jenson tweeter over the “fried egg” tweeter of the past. They have been boxed and stored for years.  The cabinets are in great shape and the surround on the drivers is clean and not breaking down.  They play really nice too!

These are a two-way design, using a 10” bass driver and 1” dome tweeter.

(Note that this auction if only for the speakers and the Target Audio stands are not included) 

The grill cloth has some holes in it on each speaker but the frames are in great shape.  Though the cloth is beginning to break down, one could remove the badges, stretch a new double knit fabric of your choosing and re-glue the badges onto them and you’ll have some pretty neat speakers (and they don’t look back without the grills on in the first place.



This is the only discernible flaw that I’ve found on the cabinets; a slight “tap” on the leading edge on one speaker.
  I gave them a light oiling, which they readily soaked up and their finish looks pretty nice from having done so.

We have the original boxes for these speakers and literature to go along with them.


Frequency Response:  35Hz-22kHz +/- 3dB
Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power:  10 - 100 Watts RMS
Sensitivity:  90cB @ 2.83V @ 1 Meter
Crossover Frequency: 3.5kHz
Resonance: 180Hz +/- 5Hz
Harmonic Distortion: <2% above 200Hz @ 1W
Tweeter Dispersion: < +/- 1dB
Range Frequency:  Low: 28Hz-8dB, High: 23Hz - 3dB
Tweeter:  1” Ferrofluid filled soft dome
Woofer: 10” high excursion aluminum coil form
Cabinet Size (H, W, D):  26” x 14 1/8” x 11 1/2”
Net Weight: 35 lbs each.
Finish: Walnut Veneer with solid wood trim (the front, rounded edges)

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have about the items in this auction and I'll do my best to answer them but please do not ask me to divulge our reserve.  In fairness to the other bidders, I will not give out that information.

Sale is final.  The speakers have been tested and auditioned at Blackbird Audio and have been verified to be in working condition  The other items in the photos are not part of this Auction and as such, are not included in any way.

Shipping will need to be fully insured and is not included in the final bidding price. We’re happy to ship these speakers anywhere within the US and Canada.  There is no handling fee, so whatever we’re charged for shipping is what we’ll pass along to you.  CA state sales tax applies only to in-state sales.
ADVENT 25th Anniversary, Limited Edition Speakers