Having worked in specialty audio for almost 30 years, I decided to finally listen to what many of my friends and customers had suggested all along and opened my own business in 2006 with a focus on the delivery of fine quality music reproduction in the comfort of one’s home.

    When I first entered “High-End
Audio” I was fortunate to learn from some of the best.  I quickly became the store’s “turntable setup guy” and assembled the bulk of the turntables that were sold.  This freed up our repair technician’s time to work his magic with repairs and modifications.  During that time and since, I managed one of the biggest shops in San Diego, worked for a top-level Linn custom home installation group and eventually managed an internet based audio retailer and manufacturer as well.  I’ve learned a great deal about the industry, retail operations, custom installations and internet sales and through it all, I’ve felt a growing need to go back to the basics. 


Many music lovers have found themselves feeling left out if they aren’t interested in shopping for a whole house system or custom theater.  I’ve heard this comment quite a lot.

I remember when there was a time that you could swing by on a lunch break or duck out of traffic after work by stopping off at your local Hi-Fi shop and have a cup of coffee, flip through the records, maybe check out some Hi-Fi magazines and there was always great conversation to be had.  Back then, we used to make sure some sort of a nice system was playing in the lobby and made sure to change it out from time to time to keep things fresh, as doing so almost always made for interesting conversation.

    With Blackbird Audio I’ve chosen to concentrate on finding ways to better the music listening experience for my customers through careful comparison tests and bringing in products that really make a significant difference in enhancing the performance of new and existing components.

Listening in a relaxed, real world setting, I hope to give you a great listening experience that will be reasonably similar to what you can expect to enjoy at home.

By keeping focused on two-channel stereo, be it by turntable, CD player or music server I’m clearly catering to music lovers and it’s that market where my interests and passions lie.

- Dan Muzquiz

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    Blackbird Audio/Gallery is located in the rolling hills of San Diego’s East County, just two blocks from the Santee Lakes recreation preserve. 

    Nestled in a residential area, we operate on a by-appointment basis.  This insures visitors a very high quality experience in a relaxed setting.